Certified Quality Manager  (ASQ) CQM

We offer a comprehensive Preparation Course specifically aimed at equipping  you with the necessary knowledge to pass the American Society for Quality examination.  

Preparation Course Syllabus

Certification Overview
Certified Quality manager Exam, CQMgr Body of Knowledge, ASQ Example Essay Question.

Quality Standards
Introduction,  Key Quality Terms, Malcolm Baldrige Award, ISO Standards Criteria, ISO 9001 Synopsis, ISO 10011 Synopsis, Total Quality management
Continuous Improvement, Cycle Time Reduction, Re-engineering, Supplier Management, Customer Service, References.

Organizations and Their Functions
Organizational Assessment, Behavioural Assessment, Technical Assessment
MBNQA, EFQM, Assessment Process Steps, Organizational Structures, Quality Functions, Change Agents, Management Styles, Business Functions, External Functions, Internal Functions, Internal Communication, References.

Strategic Quality Planning
Quality needs / strategic Planning, Strategic Plan / Quality Plan, Quality management Gurus, System Variation, Quality Function mission, Quality Function Priority, Organizational Performance Goals, Quality Principles and policies, Resource Requirements, References.

Customer Satisfaction and focus
Types of customers, Customer Driven Organizations, Customer Expectations, Customer Relationships, Customer Identification, Customer Partnerships, Communication Techniques, Multiple Customer Management, Conflict Resolution, Customer Retention, References.

Project management
Project Planning, Integrated Quality Initiatives, Short Term Plans, Long Term Plans, Feedback loops, Performance Measures, Relevant Stakeholders, Benchmarking, Budgeting, Benefit Cost Analysis, Project Implementation, Management Support, Organizational Roadblocks, Short Term Plans, Cross Functional Collaboration, Continuous Review, Documentation and Procedures, References.

Continuous Improvement
Quality Improvement Tools, Quality Costs, Trend Analysis, Process Improvement, Process mapping, Measurement Issues, Reliability, Sampling Principles, Metrology, Basic Statistics, Statistical Inference, References.

Human Resource Management
Leadership Responsibilities, Quality Staffing Issues, Job Description, responsibilities, Team Empowerment, Team Formation and Evolution, Team Management, References.

Training and Education
Top Down Support, Strategic Planning, Training Subgroups and Topics, Management Training, Employee Training, Facilitator Training, Supplier / Customer Training, Training needs Analysis, Post Training Evaluation, Classic Training Tools, Technological Training Tools, References.

Exam Prerequisites 
In order to be eligible to sit the ASQ Certified Quality Manager examination you must have:

  • 10 years or more experience on the job in a function associated with Body of Knowledge, of which 5 of these years must be in a decision making technical, professional or management position. (Technical certificates may waiver one year, where as a degree can waiver 2 or more years)

  • Candidates must pass the ASQ examination. (5 HOUR EXAMINATION)