"Instructor Lead" On-line Certification Preparation Courses

Become a 'Certified Quality Professional through the worlds largest and most respected and recognised international Quality Institution -  the American Society for Quality.

Why ASQ Certification?

Since 1968, when the first ASQ certification exam was given, more than 100,000 individuals have become certified through ASQ, including many who have attained more than one designation. In addition, an increasing number of companies, approximately 125 at last count, have formally recognized ASQ certification as verification of an individual's knowledge of quality theory and techniques.

ASQ certification is not a license or registration. It is peer recognition that an individual has demonstrated a proficiency in and comprehension of a particular quality area at a specific point in time. ASQ certification is offered to those who meet three sets of criteria. Candidates must show that they have a specified level of education and/or experience, provide proof of professionalism and pass a standardized exam.

We are Proud to offer The following 'Certification Preparation' Courses:

ASQ Certified Quality Technician

ASQ Certified Quality Engineer

ASQ Certified Quality Manager

ASQ Certified Quality Process Analysed

ASQ Certified Supplier Quality Professional

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