Meet Our Principle Consultant
Elwyn Lewis

Elwyn Lewis is the Principle Consultant and Lecturer/Trainer for Qualiconnect. Elwyn has previously consulted and contracted to many blue chip companies around the world.  See Elwyn's Qualifications; See Elwyn's courses attended /presented.

He is a seasoned Management Professional  Being a Certified Quality professional since 1983 he has the ability to spearhead and manage change programmes. With his practical hands on approach he provides a roadmap clearly co-coordinating everyone efforts towards the required change. With this vision in place, increased moral, increased productivity and increased levels of quality are achieved simultaneously.  see the Papers and articles written by Elwyn.

Elwyn is a good analytical trouble-shooter and problem solver with practical experience utilising tools such as 'Advanced Statistical Techniques (DOE, SPC, MSA), Reliability Engineering, Problem-Solving techniques (7D & 8D), this together with the many years of production management techniques (Lean manufacturing, KanBan etc) and Project Management experience provides an extremely powerful combination for serious improvement in significant improvements to overall performance - bottom line. 

Elwyn is proficient and experienced in implementing systems, managing systems and auditing companies to QS 9000, VDA 6, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO TS 16949, Six Sigma, CMM, CMMI, RUP, TSP, PSP and other standards/systems. He is an experienced  Management Professional and Quality practitioner and lecturer (lecturing at various Universities and Technical Colleges) of quality management and advanced statistical Quality and Reliability techniques. 

He has practical experience applying these tools in a multitude of industries, namely Telecommunication, Software Development, Armaments, Automotive, Petrochemical, Textile, Chemical, Leather Tannery and Foam Moulding industries (plus more). 

A Diplomatic Manager with the ability to listen to others in a sensitive manner, but strong enough to guide, implement and support the project. Hard working, determined and results-oriented, seeing tasks through to completion.

Good working knowledge of all Microsoft Office/Projects products, as well as numerous statistical packages Minitab etc, & Electronic Document Management systems,

Collectively, Elwyn has trained thousands of people in Quality, from Senior Directors to shop floor personnel, and gained more than 30 years practical quality experience in industries such as armaments, petrochemical, precision and general machining, plastic moulding, tannery, textiles, Medical Devices, automotive and software development. As a dual tradesman (Armourer & Fitter Machinist) having risen from the ranks. He does not rely on theories and buzz words, instead, Elwyn offer’s practical and workable advice based on a solid hands on experience.

Elwyn was the one of the first people to hold the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Certified Quality Technician and Certified Quality Engineer qualifications in 1983. He later added the Certified Quality Auditor qualification in 1995 and the Certified Quality manager qualification in 1996. At  that time he was one of only a few, outside of  the USA that has managed to pass the (ASQ) Certified Quality Managers examination.

For the record, the American Society for Quality (ASQ) is the largest and most recognised Quality Association in the World. 

In 1997 he was elected as Chairman for the South African Society for Quality (SASQ) Natal Division and held a position on the SASQ National Board of directors.